Unlocking Efficiency and Precision through Robotic Solutions.

Unlocking Efficiency and Precision through Robotic Solutions

Australia’s Premium Provider of Intelligent Robotics in Healthcare: Health Robotics Maximises Efficiency and Productivity in Healthcare Operations.


Simple to Use

Simplify your workflow and optimize efficiency with our user-friendly robots, easily accessible through our mobile app. Streamline repetitive tasks and prioritize patient care with ease.

Easy to Customise

Tailor-Made solutions for your facility: Our robots are fully programmable and customisable to meet your unique needs.

Easy to Deploy

Customised deployment to meet your facility’s unique needs: Our robots are programmable and tailored to your specifications. Our dedicated team will be onsite, collaborating with you to ensure seamless integration and timely readiness.

During our interviews with numerous aged care facilities, it became evident that staffing challenges are prevalent across the board. Nearly all the facilities we engaged with expressed difficulties in maintaining adequate staff levels.

Is your healthcare facility currently facing staffing challenges and seeking alternative solutions?

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At Health Robotics, our passion lies in leveraging state-of-the-art technology to revolutionize healthcare.

After extensive research, we firmly believe that our robots will revolutionize healthcare by automating repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time for staff to dedicate to patient care.

Browse some of our robots below.

Autonomous Cleaning Solutions

We have conducted extensive research and evaluation to carefully curate a range of state-of-the-art cleaning robots. We are confident that our selection represents the absolute best options available in the market. Whether your healthcare facility is small or large, we guarantee that our solutions are tailored to meet your precise requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.


Gausium Robotics

  • All-in-one Floor Cleaning Solution

  • Smart Obstacle Avoidance

  • 4X Efficiency Improvement

  • Hassle-free Mapping Process


Pudu Robotics

  • Four-in-one Versatile Cleaning

  • Suit Various Floor Types

  • Automatic Location Navigation

  • Intelligent Lift Control

Vacuum 40

Gausium Robotics

  • Zero Distance from Edge

  • 24 KPA Powerful Suction

  • H13 HEPA Filter

  • Optional Multi-purpose Diffuser Kit

Scrubber 50 Pro

Gausium Robotics

  • Superb Productivity

  • 5-stage Filtration System

  • Ergonomic Manual Mode

  • Auto Spot Cleaning

Scrubber 75

Gausium Robotics

  • Best-in-class Sensing

  • 270° Rotational Scrub Deck

  • Oil Stain Cleaning

  • Minimal Human Maintenance


Gausium Robotics

  • Superb Productivity

  • Ultra-strong Absorption

  • 360° Visibility

  • High Performance: Indoor or Outdoor

Autonomous Delivery Solutions

We have also meticulously curated an exceptional collection of state-of-the-art delivery robots that we firmly believe epitomise the best offerings in the market. Our delivery robots are designed to assist your staff in various areas, including supply transport, medication delivery, and more.

Pudubot 2

Pudu Robotics

  • Marker-less Deployment
  • Various Forms & Accessories
  • Auto-Charging
  • Fully enclosed Machine Design


Pudu Robotics

  • Omnidirectional Perception Capability

  • 5-S Delivery Expert

  • Automatic Electric Door

  • Multiple Serving Modes

Delivery X1

Gausium Robotics

  • Marker-less Deployment

  • High-performance Battery

  • Advanced high-precision sensors

  • High Performance Battery

Our process is simple.

With our three-step plan, we ensure a collaborative approach, from initial consultation to implementation and ongoing support, to deliver a seamless integration of robotics solutions tailored to your facility’s specific needs.

Exploring robots in various health facility scenarios.

Exploring Robots in Various Health Facility Scenarios.

Discover the versatility of our robots in healthcare facilities through these deployable use cases.

Our team will collaborate with you to determine the model that best suits your facility.

Cleaning Robots

Aged Care Facilities:

  • Autonomous Floor Cleaning: Both the CC1 and Phantas robots have the ability to navigate through the facility with efficiency, offering automated and thorough floor cleaning. This capability ensures that the elderly residents can enjoy a clean and safe environment.
  • Cleaning of Common Areas: The robots can be programmed to clean common areas, such as dining halls, recreational spaces, and hallways, reducing the risk of infections and maintaining a hygienic environment.

General Practice Clinics:

  • Waiting Area Cleaning: Both the CC1 and Phantas robots can be deployed to clean waiting areas, killing germs and viruses on surfaces, providing a clean and safe space for patients.

Swiftbot: All-powerful Delivery Robot

Aged Care Facilities:

  • Meal Delivery: The Swiftbot can be employed to deliver meals to residents. The robot can navigate through the facility’s corridors, carrying trays of food and beverages to the designated rooms.

General Practice Clinics:

  • Medical Supply Delivery: The Swiftbot can streamline the delivery of medical supplies, such as medications, lab specimens, or equipment, within the facility.

Delivery Robots

Aged Care Facilities:

  • Medication Delivery: The Pudubot 2 and X1 robot can safely and accurately deliver medications to residents, ensuring timely distribution and reducing the burden on staff.
  • Supply Transport: The robot can be utilized to transport essential supplies, such as linens, personal care items, or meal trays, to different areas of the facility, optimizing efficiency and reducing manual handling.

General Practice Clinics:

  • Prescription Retrieval: The Pudubot 2 and X1 robot can collect prescriptions from the pharmacy and deliver them to the appropriate clinics or departments within the facility, streamlining the workflow and improving efficiency.

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